The Mandela Day scarf mission

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Jul 25, 2019
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Aug 6, 2019
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The Mandela Day scarf mission

The Mandela Day scarf mission is one of those projects calendarized for the mid-year yet seems to excite the girls from the get go of the year. This is a project that teaches those able to knit and those unable to knit to make a difference in our small Makhanda/Grahamstown community.

This year was yet another great success and we, together, managed to knit 340 scarves. This demonstrates what strength a collective has on making a positive difference.

On Mandela Day, 100 scarves were distributed to the outer community ,100 to Oomama and Ootata who work in our houses, in the gardens and in the kitchen and the further 140 to all our community engagement groups.

I hope this encourages the greater Makhanda/Grahamstown to engage in this project to better our town. Thank you to all the girls who engaged in this project ensuring that those in our greater community have a warm winter.

Jules Basson