DSG Reaches Out

DSG girls are educated to assume an active role in society, serving and giving of their time generously both now and after they leave school.

Reaching out to the greater community is of great importance in the DSG.

Senior School outreach entails active service on several levels in the wider community, sharing the resources on our campus and teaching disadvantaged pupils in the girls’ free time.  The main community service programme is the President’s Award which encourages our girls to develop themselves through service to others. Their interaction with pupils from diverse social, economic and ethnic backgrounds makes our girls aware of the challenges in the broader community.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement is an essential part of life at the DSG. We encourage our girls to recognise that as they give of their time and energy to others, there will be concomitant personal growth. We give our girls the...more

President's Award

We believe that community service is an important part of a girl’s formation and at DSG we have a large community service programme. We like girls to get involved in this programme as soon as possible and encourage them...more

Coaching for Conservation

Coaching for Conservation® was launched 10 years ago as a project of the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust. Coaching for Conservation® in partnership with Investec Rhino Lifeline is delighted to announce a continued partnership with the Community Engagement program of St...more