Pastoral Care

We believe that every girl is entitled to live in a congenial, nurturing environment in which she can develop and flourish; one in which she can mature into a well-rounded fulfilled person who can realise her personal goals and ambitions. The function of the Wellness Team is to ensure that girls are cared for and supported.

Each girl is assigned to a small group under the care of a tutor, who is a member of staff. Girls meet with their tutors before school every morning and for a longer period once a week and tutors sometimes arrange outings for their group. The tutors get to know the girls in their group well and often are the first to recognise incipient problems or difficulties.

Academically, Grade Heads keep a finger on the pulse in the classrooms and our Educational Psychologist intervenes when necessary. Girls are encouraged to consult the Educational Psychologist if they experience any barriers to optimal learning.

Emotionally, the Clinical Psychologist is available for one-on-one short-term counselling with girls and makes recommendations to the Headmistress regarding the care of the girls. She is also active in advising, training and educating the staff on the care of adolescent girls. Housemistresses and the member of staff who oversees the day girls have a hands-on approach and get to know the girls in their care very well. The San sisters and the Chaplain all play a role on caring for girls with emotional needs.

Physically, the girls who are ill are cared for by two San sisters and a GP, who visits the school every morning. The Wellness Team ensures that the girls’ dietary needs are met by holding regular meetings with the caterers, and the girls are encouraged to stay physically fit by playing sport regularly.

Spiritually, the Chaplain is available to girls for counselling and girls may belong to the active SCA group.