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The Diocesan School for Girls’ Junior School lays the foundation on which DSG girls’ school careers are built. It is within the walls of this warm, friendly, caring place that the girls start developing the academic tools they will need to see them through to Matric; the enjoyment of sport and an understanding of the sporting code of conduct that they need during competition; the love of the creative arts that may propel them into great expertise; a commitment to service in the wider community; and the social skills required for strong relationships and team work. By the time a DSG Junior girl leaves us, she will be a strong, confident, resilient girl, ready to take on all the challenges of her Senior School career. She will also be humble and concerned for the well-being of others, ready to help and serve wherever she finds a need to do so.


Upcoming Events

A Day in the Life

DSG Junior Staff

  HEADMISTRESS:                     Ms Barbara Hibbert GRADE 4:                                 Mrs Lisa Micklewright GRADE 5:                                 Ms Judy Paul GRADE 6:                                 Ms Megan Theron and Ms Elaine Clarke GRADE 7:                                 Mrs Tandi Ferreira and Mrs Eunice Timm Learning Support / Housemistress: Mrs Angie Gooden IT / Afrikaans:           ...more

Pastoral Care

The DSG Junior School offers an environment within which every girl can express her own individual identity. At the heart of our school is a Christian ethos that is built on the commandment to love one another and to...more


Being a small school with a favourable teacher–pupil ration, we are able to offer girls divergent learning experiences. The girls can work in the classroom or in our beautiful gardens; they can wander around the town, learning first-hand about...more

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub, which comprises two core areas–the library and the IT centre– is the nerve centre of the Junior School and it is from here that much of our energy emanates. It is a place where girls...more

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Grahamstown may be small but punches well above its weight in terms of what it offers to those who live in this rather delightful little town. It is small enough for even young girls to develop a sense of...more