Learning Beyond the Classroom

Grahamstown may be small but punches well above its weight in terms of what it offers to those who live in this rather delightful little town. It is small enough for even young girls to develop a sense of independence in that they can walk to the near-by shopping mall; the world-renowned Rhodes University is on our doorstep allowing collaboration and academic support at the highest levels; the National Arts Festival allows our girls to be exposed to drama, visual art, music and dance of international standards; and the Science Festival helps them to broaden their horizons, creating a real interest in science in its broadest meaning.

Coaching for Conservation

Our children need to be equipped for tomorrow’s challenges and we must prepare them for the world they will inherit. We believe that environmental education needs to be part of the curriculum because developing and nurturing an appreciation of...more


Sport is regarded as an essential and integral part of the curriculum. The emphasis is on active participation, fitness, skill development, team work and the development of co-ordination and strength according to each individual’s own ability. Although we aim...more


CULTURAL MUSIC Music is an integral part of the daily lives of the girls and incorporates aspects of dance and movement. Two fulltime music teachers operate from our campus, while a number of part-time teachers assist with lessons on instruments such...more

Outdoor Ed

Undergirding our outdoor education programme is the philosophy that being in the natural environment has a very positive effect on children as well as the great benefits of experiential learning. Every year, girls from each grade participate in an age-appropriate...more

Community Engagement

We believe that children are never too young to make a difference. Our heritage as an Anglican school includes an obligation to create an awareness of imbalances in our society and to do what we can to address these....more

Clubs and Societies

Clubs are offered as part of the weekly programme. The variety of clubs that are offered allow girls to pursue their own interests or engage in new activities.


The interhouse events that take place during the year are possibly more keenly contested than the interschool sporting fixtures. The buzz around the school before the interhouse gala is palpable as is the case with the other interhouse sporting events. However, there is as much interest generated for the interhouse plays, dance and music and the standard produced for these events is usually of an extraordinarily high standard.