T he Grange is a relaxed, homely boarding house for our Junior girls, designed to make them feel comfortable and safe. The Grade 4s and 5s live in the original part of the House, where they sleep in rooms with bunk beds and have communal living quarters. The Grade 6 and 7 girls are in the new block where they have more privacy in cubicles. All the girls are nurtured and cared for by a professional, but loving Housemistress, a Housemother who gives out hugs in times of homesickness and friendly student assistants who act as role models and caregivers.

The girls are kept busy each week at school with their commitments, homework and sports practices. Weekends are less busy and so many activities are organised for fun, to develop team spirit, to ensure the girls learn new skills and to keep them from spending too much time in front of screens! We enjoy crafting sessions, talent shows, games evenings, gardening, camp outs and beach outings. Weekly Saturday shopping trips to the local mall, ordering a take-out meal once a month and Saturday night home movies are regular treats.

Parents may visit their daughters during the week and over weekends, subject to their daughter’s school commitments. Whilst the number of sleep-outs Junior School boarders may take is not restricted, we encourage boarders not to go home every weekend, as it is in the boarding environment that lifelong friendships are often formed.