Our role as educators is to help the girls acquire skills needed for the specific demands of the complex, information-focused, technology-driven world they will be entering when they leave school.Girls are encouraged to apply their knowledge, think critically, analyse information and solve problems creatively. Other skills that need to be developed in young women are the ability to think deeply about issues, be flexible, be able to communicate in a variety of media and to deal with a flood of information. However, we believe that traditional educational demands that have stood the test of time are still relevant: learning to follow directions, working hard and being honest and fair. Above all, we encourage girls to be resilient, courageous and determined in pursing their goals and ambitions.

Our teachers recognise that in many ways, the role of the teacher has changed. In the twenty-first century classroom, the teacher is not to be found at the front of a silent group of children delivering instruction. Rather, the teacher will be moving round the room, observing, asking questions and guiding the pupils. Our teachers pursue further education and training by going on courses, interacting with teachers from other schools and engaging in up-to-date technology to ensure they remain relevant and current in their ideas.

We offer girls a wide choice of subjects, ensuring that each girl can do subjects according to her particular strengths.

Grades 8 and 9

The following subjects are offered in Grades 8 and 9:

  • English
  • First additional language: isiXhosa or Afrikaans or French
  • Second additional language: French or Mandarin  or Computer Programming or Music or isiXhosa
  • Mathematics
  • EDAD, (EMS, Drama, Art, and Dance)
  • Design & Food Technology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • Religious Education
  • Life Orientation
  • Research Resources

Grade 9 Subject Choices for Gr 10-12: Please click on the link to access information on each subject offered to matric as well as the subject packages Subject Choices

Girls must study English in Option 1, an Additional Language in Option 2, Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy in Option 3, and Life Orientation in Option 7.  Pupils choose one subject from each of Options 4, 5 and 6.

Option 1          English

Option 2          Afrikaans (Home Language or First Additional Language) or isiXhosa (First Additional Language) or French (Second Additional Language for ‘immigrants’ only)

Option 3          Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

Option 4          Design or Dramatic Arts or French (Second Additional Language) or Geography or Information Technology or Life Sciences or Music

Option 5          Geography or History or Physical Sciences or Visual Arts or Music

Option 6          Accounting or History or Life Sciences or Visual Arts or Music

Option 7          Life Orientation

Advanced Programme Maths, English and Physics are offered as extra subjects

Gr 8 Subject Choices

Complete the Gr 8 Subject Choice Form to select your Language options for Grade 8 in 2017.

Gr 9 Subject Choices

Complete the Gr 9 Subject Choice Form to select your Language options for Grade 9 in 2017.

Gr 10-12 Subject Choices

Visit the section on Gr 10-12 Subject Choices access information on each subject offered to matric, and the Form to complete once you have made your choices.

Grade 8 Language Choice Form

The deadline for submitting this form online has passed. Please contact the Deputy Head of Academics, Dionne Redfern, should you have any queries. ...more

Gr 9 Subject Choice Form

The subject choice entries are now closed. Please contact the Deputy Head, Mrs Dionne Redfern, should you require further information. ...more

Subject Choices for Grade 10-12

Considerations to assist you to make informed subject choices.

This section gives an overview of the choices, constraints and impacts of Subject Choices for Grade 9's for their Grade 10-12 years, along with more detail on each individual subject....more