It has long been recognised that there is more than a causal link between active involvement in the Arts and cognitive development, especially during the formative years. At DSG, the Arts are considered to be an essential element in both creative and intellectual development and we recognise their importance in a well-rounded and balanced education.


Music is offered as both a Matric subject and an extra-mural activity. While we give gifted girls the opportunity to excel, we also place a strong emphasis on participation. Girls who play an instrument are encouraged to be part of...more


Drama is offered as both a Matric subject and an extra-mural activity. Girls are given the opportunity to hone their dramatic skills during the course of the year. The Interhouse play competitions see many girls involved in dramatic productions. These pupil-organised events allow girls to act, script-write, direct or back-stage manage plays. The more serious thespians participate in the annual school productions. These can range from light-hearted musicals to demanding dramas, such as the 2015 Metamorphosis.


During the afternoons and evenings, our full-time professional dance teacher can be found encouraging a love of dancing in the girls who come for lessons in the well-appointed dance studio. Both ballet and contemporary dance are offered and girls can be prepared for RAD exams, if they so wish. All girls are given the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise during various performances held during the year.