DSG is governed by a Council. The Council comprises between eleven and fourteen men and women who are ‘committed to maintaining the Christian ethos of the school’ and who are nominated according to guidelines specified in the Trust Deed of the school. The full Council meets four times a year, as do its various subcommittees. The subcommittees are the Executive, the Finance, the Investment , the Development, the Scholarship and the HR committees. It is the responsibility of Council to ensure the sustainability of the school, to give governance oversight and to undertake its fiduciary duties. The Council is the custodian of the school and has the responsibility of looking backwards to preserve the traditions and the legacy, but also to look forward to ensure that the school remains vibrant, relevant and reliable.

At various stages during the history of DSG, the Council has faced formidable challenges. During these times the Council has consistently and persistently reaffirmed the old principles, developed a strategic plan towards the future goals for the school and shown determination to see it all through. Council needs to be forward-looking and pro-active; to make bold decisions and have faith in its decision-making; it does at times need teeth and needs to use them.