DSG Campus developments take on a style of their own

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Apr 26, 2019
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DSG Campus developments take on a style of their own

On 11 April, the DSG girls and teachers left the campus for a well-deserved holiday. On campus, however, groups of workmen, artisans and technicians kicked into high gear, with a challenging list of projects to be undertaken.


The internal upgrades of Espin House were reactivated and the building of the new DSG classroom block continued. The Lilla Strong Hall is being given a complete makeover, with a new roof, new windows and doors being installed, and an upgrade of the front façade.


Over at Carnac, the IT Lab and Art room have now been converted into two brand new, customised Drama rooms. Art is moving across to St Andrew’s College and all Drama will now be hosted on the DSG campus. Consequently, cutting-edge IT room has been created in Hodson Block, which can accommodate 30 pupils using a bank of up-to-date laptops. The DSG Library has also been adapted to create more IT workstations for class instruction, as well as for personal use by pupils and staff.

At the end of last term, the Finance Department moved across the road to their newly completed offices at 11A Worcester Street. This opened up the lower level of the Chris Murray Admin Block, and with much banging and drilling, the offices have been knocked through to accommodate a larger Staff Room with enhanced work spaces for staff. This work is planned to be completed by the end of May, when the current Staff Room will be converted into a Seminar Room.

Last, but by no means least, work also commenced on a sustainability project at Manyano House; the installation of a brand new solar inverter, providing clean backup power in the House and continuing DSG’s ethos to ensure our girls are safe and secure, whilst still caring for our environment. (Report by Dave Jarvis)