Matric Class of 2019 Attains Another 100% Pass Rate

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Nov 26, 2019
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Jan 16, 2020
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Matric Class of 2019 Attains Another 100% Pass Rate

The Matric class of 2019 has attained a 100% Bachelor’s Degree (BD) pass with 37% of all subject symbols being distinctions and 75% of subject symbols achieved being either distinctions or Bs (above 70%).

We extend a special congratulations to the following girls who made the IEB Merit list for Commendable Achievement, meaning that they are placed in the top 5% nationally across five subjects and have attained a Level 7 for Life Orientation: Emily Morgan, Nina Owen-Jones and Genevieve Powell.

Several DSG girls are mentioned on 11 occasions for being placed in the top 1% nationally in individual subjects. Congratulations to the following:
Accounting: Saffron Gifford
English Home Language: Genevieve Powell
IsiXhosa First Additional Language: Nosiphiwo Nabo
Life Orientation: Nina Owen-Jones
Life Sciences: Nina Owen-Jones, Emily Morgan and Saffron Gifford
Music: Emily Morgan
Visual Arts: Phoebe Elliott, Genevieve Powell and Hannah Loggie

For more information about the 2019 Matric results, please follow this link to the newsletter: