Journey Update 2020: Part 5

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Nov 19, 2020
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Nov 26, 2020
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Journey Update 2020: Part 5

Dear All

We are now within smelling distance of the coast! Just four more days of this wonderful adventure awaits us. I can genuinely say that it has been a remarkably successful Journey so far and that the young men and women, and staff, of Journey 2020 have done themselves proud. As we always strive to do, we want to finish well now. The groups are fitter, stronger and more efficient than they would ever have believed possible in such a short space of time. Grit is something that we emphasise a great deal at our schools, and there has been no better place to put one’s own self to the test, than on Journey. There are so many scenarios that play out every day. We are so dependent on the prevailing weather conditions, the availability of water, the terrain that we are operating in and one’s frame of mind. A positive attitude goes a long way in life and there are ample opportunities to bring positivity to a tough situation on Journey. It is quite remarkable how the groups pick themselves up after a hard day and create that vital positive energy whilst cooking up supper and chatting around the camp fire.

All the groups have now enjoyed their Rest & Create days and we are now onto the series of Activity Days at either Hellspoort or Fraser’s Camp Farms. Group 2 had a lovely cool day at Hellspoort today and were busy with some abseiling, 22 and shot gun shooting, making a group picture depicting their Journey and processing meat in the butchery. This is all done with a competitive edge and the winning sub-group get a treat at the end of it. Group 5 moved on site this morning and will do much the same activities, whilst Group 4 finished off three enjoyable days of cycling before being bused to Fraser’s Camp for their Activity Day tomorrow. Group 1 complete their hiking for Journey when they head from Misty Hills to Kommadagga tomorrow, before enjoying their Activity Day at Hellspoort on Tuesday and then running down to Kap River on the last full day of Journey. Group 2 finish off with three days of cycling, which will include an interesting ride through the villages of the former Ciskei tomorrow. Weather conditions for the rest of Journey look nice and mild, after most of the groups had to endure temperatures of up to 42 degrees yesterday! Group 3 have a couple of days hiking in rugged, hilly terrain before they end off their final day with activities at Fraser’s Camp.

Wednesday will see all the groups converging on the Kap River Reserve campsite, where they will celebrate seeing their friends from the other groups and where they will swop their war stories in animated groups whilst being treated to a scrumptious spit braai. Thursday will see us packing up and handing in equipment before the entire Journey cohort will hike the 8 kms down to the Fish River Mouth, where they will gather as a group for the last time before the traditional dash into the sea.

This will be my last update before my final report which I will write on the evening before we finish. Whilst many will not want The Journey to finish, I know that they are all looking forward to getting home and getting to enjoy some of the creature comforts that are in such short supply on Journey.

Until next time

Pete Andrew