A Family of Schools

I n many ways, DSG is very like other girls’ schools. It has its own Governance structure, leadership, staff and uniform. However, one of the many aspects that make DSG unique is its partnership with its adjoining brother school, St Andrew’s College and with St Andrew’s Prep School.

The relationship among the three schools ensures that specific requirements for each stage of the pupils’ development are met. The girls begin their schooling at St Andrew’s Prep which is coeducational until the end of Grade 3. The girls then come to DSG in Grade 4, where they remain until they leave the school at the end of Grade 12.

In Grade 10, DSG and St Andrew’s College offer co-instruction and girls and boys move across the two campuses. This is a unique situation in South Africa; one in which two independent schools, each retaining its own identity and individuality, share teaching resources. The model, as well as offering the advantage of shared resources and thus a wider range of choices than would be possible otherwise, allows for healthy co-operation and social interaction between the boys and girls, while still allowing them each their own space.