DSG Experience

D SG acknowledges the uniqueness of every individual in our community because 'In diversity is beauty and strength'. - Maya Angelou

At DSG we strive to provide a caring, nurturing, securing environment in which our girls can grow into confident, articulate and well-rounded young women. Our diverse student body creates a richness within our community that supports differing abilities in all spheres. In addition to our offering of an exceptionally wide range of academic subjects taught by an energetic, highly qualified staff, supported by an extensive extramural programme, we acknowledge that there are ‘soft skills’ that truly a make a school great – the girls who are quick to laugh; those with immense compassion; the loyal friends and supporters; the skilled negotiators and mediators; the creative and critical thinkers; and the many other well-rounded young people who come to the fore and make up the pupil body, or in our case, the DSG Sisterhood.

When our girls leave school, they are critical, independent thinkers who are able to advocate for themselves with wisdom, but have learned compassion, empathy and a consideration of others that allows them to contribute to their society as responsible global citizens.

We invite you to join us and thrive in the unique DSG Experience.


No Admission fee is charged. We do recommend that you return the form as soon as possible. An Entrance Deposit is requested once the pupil has been accepted the year prior to entry.