E ighty per cent of our girls are boarders - with good reason. The modern boarding experience is a far cry from days of old. Today, parents deliberately choose boarding because they believe in making a positive decision to allow their child to realise their true potential. We share this goal at DSG.

DSG has five boarding Houses, including Manyano House, which is solely dedicated to our Grade 8s, providing them with a cosy, caring environment specially designed to help girls settle into boarding school among their own peer group. In all Houses, there is a professional and nurturing team of Housemistresses, Deputy Housemistresses, Student Assistants and Prefects available to the boarders, so parents can be assured that every aspect of their daughter’s life in boarding is actively supported by people who genuinely care.

Our focus is two-fold: to build confident individuals, develop leadership skills and independence and foster a strong sense of community based on the tolerance and acceptance that comes with living in a diverse, multi-cultural society, whilst creating an environment that also encourages the attainment of academic excellence. Their close proximity to school allows for an extended day which provides girls with the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the extramural programme. Our boarders have easy access to all the resources on campus, as well as on-site academic support.

Whilst Internet access is provided, our staff engage proactively with all our students, ensuring they are properly trained in the appropriate use of social media and other IT platforms and that their screen time is effectively managed on a daily basis. Our IT Department ensures that the necessary security is in place to protect our young women from accessing inappropriate websites and other sources of information.

Our dining room provides top quality, nutritional meals, irrespective of dietary requirements.

Boarding provides a space for unique social and personal development where deep, lasting friendships can be formed.