Coaching for Conservation

C oaching for Conservation® was launched 20 years ago as a project of the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust, working to study and preserve wildlife in Africa. Coaching for Conservation® in partnership with Investec Rhino Lifeline is actively linked to the Community Engagement programme of DSG and St Andrew's College.

The DSG/SAC volunteers play a vital role in the programme, setting examples and being role models for our Grade 5 participants.

C4C coaches mentor children through a process of:

  • Respect for themselves (to be fit and healthy and to choose to have a future),
  • Respect for each other (to care about their family, friends, teammates and pets) and
  • Respect the environment around them (to care about and be involved in designing the world they will grow up in)

By using soccer as a medium, C4C strives to engender self-respect, team spirit and a sense of well-being in children, elements that are the foundation of a caring society. By weaving conservation and respect messages into football skills and drills, C4C aims to build a relationship of empathy between children and animals and develop an interest for wildlife from a young age.