B eing a small school with a favourable teacher–pupil ratio, we are able to offer girls divergent learning experiences. The girls can work in the classroom or in our beautiful gardens; they can wander around the town, learning first-hand about the history of the area; they can go to the nearby coast, mountains, farms or game reserves. Because we are on the campus of the Senior School, we have access to superior facilities: a Design and Technology centre that is rated among the best in the country, a well-equipped dance studio and state-of-the-art sport facilities.

We are living in an increasingly diverse world; one that is complex, globalised and media-saturated. The amount of information available on any one day in the various media platforms is staggering. At the Junior School, we recognise that the paradigm shift required is the challenge facing us. The three Rs of reading, writing and arithmetic are still critically important and form the core of our curriculum. In our world, children need to be able to communicate well, both verbally and non-verbally and mathematical proficiency is increasingly important for making sense of our worlds.

However, to prepare our girls for the world that they will be occupying, we also include the four Cs:


Working in groups and developing flexibility and the ability to compromise to achieve a common goal.


Being encouraged to be original, engaging in out-of-the-box thinking and having the confidence to look for different ways of understanding.


Effectively using all forms of communication: written, verbal, technological, and digital.

Critical Thinking

Encouraging girls to analyse, evaluate, understand complexity and solve problems.

As well as the academic subjects, our expanded curriculum offers additional subjects such as Design and Technology, ITC, Research Skills and Thinking Skills. Religious Instruction is offered by the Chaplain and all girls from Grade 4 to 6 learn Afrikaans and isiXhosa. To further extend the girls, we enter Mathematics competitions (arranged by Rhodes University) as well as English and Mathematics Olympiads.

The dedicated teachers are committed to ensuring that each child is nurtured. They ensure that the school provides an environment where girls can learn and make mistakes and, in so doing, discover themselves. Girls are encouraged to build up their resilience in order to be able to face new realities and embrace challenges with courage and determination.