Coaching for Conservation

O ur children need to be equipped for tomorrow’s challenges and we must prepare them for the world they will inherit. We believe that environmental education needs to be part of the curriculum because developing and nurturing an appreciation of nature will safeguard the safety of our wildlife environment.

For the last two years our girls have been involved in the Coaching for Conservation Programme (C4C). This dynamic programme was started in Botswana ten years ago in an attempt to establish fundamental core values in children: respect yourself; respect others; respect the environment. Since then it has gained momentum and there is a team that operates in our area.

C4C It is a multi-faceted, fun and interactive approach that teaches children about conservation through linking animal behaviours to life skills. Because sport is regarded as a vital tool for systematic and positive social change, it is used as part of this programme. Also, sport is an activity children enjoy and are happy to engage in. Children are taught skills by emulating various animals– for example, copying cheetahs when speed is required. Recently, Investec Rhino Lifeline partnered with C4C in the Eastern Cape, to raise awareness of the rhino-poaching crisis in the country. Dr Fowldes, a local veterinary surgeon who has been very involved in saving the rhinos has worked closely with C4C.