Music and Dance

Music is an integral part of the daily lives of the girls. Two full-time music teachers operate from our campus, while a number of part-time teachers assist with lessons on instruments such as piano, flute, violin, saxophone, clarinet, cello, percussion, trumpet and guitar. In addition to class music, the girls are encouraged to be part of ensembles and bands,or perhaps participate in the Junior Choir. There are plenty of opportunities for our young musicians and singers to perform throughout the year.

Girls who love to dance can learn either ballet or contemporary modern. The girls are given opportunities to perform in productions and there are optional external assessments for those who wish to progress formally.


At DSG Junior, art lessons taught by a specialist teacher take place in the beautiful, spacious, light and well-equipped Art Room. At DSG we are able to offer a wide range of arts and crafts in many mediums, and the girls approach their art work with great enthusiasm. Creativity and self-expression are the key elements of the art programme and it is rewarding to see how children develop through their interpretation of subjects and media throughout their time in the Junior School .


In the weekly drama classes, the girls are taught to express themselves through characterisation, performance and voice projection. Drama teaches learners more about themselves and develops confidence, as we explore many themes throughout the year, play games and improve communication skills. In addition to the annual whole school production, girls have the opportunity to take part in regional inter-school art festivals.