Learning Hub

T he Learning Hub, which comprises two core areas–the library and the IT centre– is the nerve centre of the Junior School and it is from here that much of our energy emanates.

It is a place where girls can relax and feel comfortable; soft bean bags are scattered around and it is common to find a girl curled up under a blanket reading. However, it is also a place where girls can spend time working on iPads, using reference books and engaging with the interesting displays. For those so inclined, there are jig-saw puzzles to be completed.

Reading is strongly encouraged in the Junior School and the girls are motivated to read a variety of genres by means of various projects and competitions. Books relevant to young girls’ interest and ability level are carefully chosen and girls are encouraged to donate books to the library on their birthday.

The Junior School has WiFi throughout. The focus of ICT instruction is on using technology as a learning tool and not just for games or communicating with friends. The girls are taught how to use the computers effectively for their school work and about social media etiquette and safety. Integrating the iPads into the curriculum has enabled our girls to produce work beyond their imaginations; they are used for research and allow the girls to collaborate, create and share their ideas. The girls learn to be innovative, think critically and solve problems.

Guiding and directing all the activities is the Learning Hub Director. Her constant presence means that she can discuss the girls’ interests and help them choose age-appropriate books to read. She is also available to help and support girls working on the iPads and assists with the integration of technology into the curriculum.