Pastoral Care

T he DSG Junior School provides an environment within which every girl can express her own individual identity. Our aim is to recognise and encourage a girl’s abilities, challenge her development along constructive and creative lines and nurture an enquiring mind.

Academically, the class teacher is responsible for monitoring all areas of the curriculum and our Educational Psychologist is available to offer support if required. Outside the classroom, the Housemistress and Housemother develop close relationships with the girls in their care. DSG Junior has access to a highly professional Wellness Team, comprising a Clinical Psychologist, two live-in nursing sisters and a school doctor who visits school every morning. Arrangements are made for visits to specialists, dentists, radiographers and physiotherapists. The full-time Chaplain looks after the girls’ spiritual welfare and also offers counselling for those in need.

Consequently, between our Academic, Boarding and Wellness staff, we aim to nurture and support our girls in every facet of their lives, physically, spiritually, emotionally and academically.