T he school provides boarding for the DSG Junior girls (as well as the Grade 1–3 girls who go to school at St Andrew’s Prep) in the refurbished boarding house known as The Grange. The girls sleep in beautifully decorated dormitories and have their own common room on the ground floor. The relaxed, homely atmosphere is enhanced by the care of a Housemistress, Housemother and three student assistants.

In addition to the many sporting fixtures that are held over weekends, the girls have picnics, or go to the nearby Addo Elephant Park or the beach. Outings on Saturday mornings are a highlight. This involves walking down the road to the local shops to stock up on necessities and perhaps also to enjoy a milkshake.

Parents may visit their daughters at any time (as long as the girls are not involved in school activities) and there is no restriction on the number of home visits. Birthdays are celebrated and a cake and treats are always part of the festivities.