Outdoor Education

O utdoor education is considered to be an intrinsic part of the curriculum as it promotes active learning through direct personal experience as well as offering fun and excitement in a safe environment. We believe that providing girls with challenging experiences offers alternative avenues for achievement, including opportunities to develop self-reliance, overcome fear, learn to work as part of a team and give and receive support. In the process the girls’ confidence and self-esteem are enhanced promoting their personal and social development.

As well as the physical challenges offered in the girls’ outdoor education, we place a strong emphasis on environmental awareness, teaching the girls in a practical way about the world they live in and how to care for their environment.

Age-appropriate outdoor educational programmes are thoughtfully designed so that each year builds on the skills of the previous one. The John Jones Fish River Journey, undertaken by all Grade 10s from DSG and St Andrew's College, is the pinnacle of our outdoor educational programme and has become a rite of passage. The girls and boys canoe, hike, run and cycle from the source to the mouth of the Fish River, experiencing an epic 21-day adventure that is challenging, but ultimately fun, and provides lifelong memories. Simultaneously, the pupils learn about the rich historical, cultural and ecological heritage of the area and are challenged by the pressing social, environmental and sustainability issues they encounter during their journey.