D SG is a faith-based Christian school and the chapel, situated at the centre of the campus, is the heart of the school and is the place where the whole school gathers for worship and where we support one another in times of celebration and sadness. The worship and fellowship inculcate an ethos that emanates throughout the whole school, infusing all our activities with God’s grace. The full-time chaplain and the assistant chaplain conduct the services.

While we follow the Anglican tradition, we welcome girls from other faiths and denominations, respecting their beliefs and traditions. However, chapel attendance is obligatory for all girls, regardless of their personal convictions. We invite girls to deepen their own spirituality by offering exposure to and interpretation of the Bible, the teaching of the gospel and allowing respectful dialogue. Access points for such exploration are the classroom, the chapel, confirmation classes, informal conversations, prayer and Bible study groups.

The chaplain is an integral part of the Wellness Team and one of her most important functions is to give support and counsel to girls, staff and parents when requested.